DIY Glitter Pine Cone Place Card Holder

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5 Ways to Enjoy Your Marriage this Christmas

How to Have Fun with Your Husband and Enjoy Your Marriage during the Holidays - The Christmas season is hectic, and it's easy to lose track of your spouse and your marriage. Here are 5 simple ways to prioritize your marriage and your spouse this holiday season. Marriage tips and advice | Christmas ideas


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23 Christ-Centered Wedding Scenes - Praise Wedding

Merry Christmas Lovelies! We would like to celebrate this beautiful day with a special Christ-centered feature.  Other than all the lovely things we enjoy about Christmas, what is Christmas without “Christ”?  Making an eternal covenant with each other before God and starting a Christ-centered marriage is very important to Christian couples. A quick search reveals …

10 DIY Unique Guest Book Ideas for Weddings

Leaving do - each person we leave behind signs a stone and a quote or memory and we keep them in our new place to remember them by. We sign stones back for them